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This journal is Friends Only. Please comment on this entry if you would like to be added. I like new friends and am very likely to friend you back!

I currently crosspost between here and my Dreamwidth.

Dear Yuletide Author

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Hello wonderful, lovely Yuletide Writer! :D

Here are a few bits about my general likes and dislikes in fic, and some more specific details for each fandom. Obviously none of this is stuff you have to stick to, and I’m sure I’ll love anything you choose to write for me! I’m pretty easy to please, and mostly just ridiculously excited to be getting fic in any of these fandoms! :D

I love most kinds of story fairly equally – adventure, plotty, character-focused, missing-scenes, angst, fluff, smutty, etc, so please feel free to write whatever kind of story most appeals to you, and I can pretty much guarantee I’ll enjoy it!

I am all about the women and female-identified characters. I like male characters too, just… not as much. ;)

I am also a multishipper, and always willing to be persuaded of new and exciting ships, so there’s no chance of offending me by not getting my ship right! ;)

I don’t mind faily things and bad –isms happening in fics, as long as the point is that they are bad, and that that fact is recognized in the fic.
Having said that, I’m not a big fan of non- or dub-con. I like consent. Consent is good.
(Similarly, I don’t like character or ship bashing for the sake of it, unless it’s in-character for whoever is doing it.)

Old Kingdom - Garth NixCollapse )

The Rain Wild Chronicles - Robin HobbCollapse )

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Newsflesh Trilogy - Mira GrantCollapse )

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Vid Gathering!

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Ignoring the fact that I want to do a proper update at some point soon, and have several question memes to answer, I have a favour to ask of you, lovely flist!

I'm going to [community profile] vidukon_cardiff / vidukon in May, and am again VJ-ing a vidshow at it! Woohoo! :D

My theme this time is Unpopular Characters, inspired by the annual Unpopular Women Love Post on halfamoon , and is thus going to be focusing on the characters that large parts of fandom are often less fond of (e.g. Catelyn Stark, Dawn Summers, etc).

So, does anyone have any suggestions of awesome vids and/or characters who should be included? Particularly for fandoms that you might know I'm not in and thus will not have thought of for myself?

Any and all thoughts welcome and appreciated! :D

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The Eleven Doctors!

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So, some friends and I decided to be girl versions of all eleven Doctors for Halloween. Here is the resulting awesomeness!

Individual pictures!Collapse )

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Vid Gathering!

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As some of you may have read in an earlier post, I'm going to vidukon in April!

What's more, tellitslant and I will be VJing (putting together) a FEMSLASH VIDSHOW for the con! :D :D :D

So, lovely people, we need your help and suggestions about what vids to include, please. Recs welcome for any fandoms, any pairings, but all femslash, all the time!

Thank you! :D


writing - once upon a time
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